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Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics

Exam Type:Linear 2 year A-Level
Exam Board:OCR (MEI)

About the Course

Further Mathematics A-Level not only builds on work you will have met at GCSE, and will be covering within the Mathematics A-Level, but also involves new ideas that are not featured in any other part of the Mathematics curriculum.

It is expected that students will have achieved Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics.

At A-Level you will study:

  • Further Pure 1
  • Mechanics
  • Decision Mathematics 1
  • Mechanics 2
  • Decision 2
  • Further Pure 2

By examination only

The units are equally weighted.


  • Unit FP1 – Further Concepts for Advanced Mathematics
  • Unit M1 – Mechanics 1
  • Unit D1 – Decision Mathematics 1
  • Unit FP2 – Further Methods for Advanced Mathematics
  • Unit M2 – Mechanics 2
  • Unit D2 – Decision Mathematics 2

A-Level Further Mathematics is very useful as a supporting subject to many courses at A-Level especially in the Sciences, Geography, Psychology, Sociology and Medical courses.

There are also many areas of employment that see a Mathematics A-Level as an important qualification and it is often a requirement for the vocational qualification related to these areas. Higher Education courses or careers that either require A level Further Mathematics or courses that are strongly related include: Engineering, Electronics, Mathematics, Computing, Statistics.

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