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At St Edward’s Academy, we want our students to develop as life-long readers who seek to expand their experience, knowledge and skills.  We have an all-consuming belief in the power of reading to develop the mind, spirit and curiosity of all of our learners, regardless of their starting point. The words of Dr Seuss explain why: 

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  

At St Edward’s, we use the curriculum, extra-curricular activities and the supra-curriculum to enthuse, inspire and encourage inquisitive and curious critical readers and thinkers.  We provide reading lists for each Year group and for every curriculum area.  Reading lists are also available for key events in the calendar that are additional to the curriculum.  We have a well-stocked school and online library to provide access to reading at all times.   

If you are looking for more inspiration for books to read, our HOPE Literature Lounge is the perfect place to visit.  You will find recommended reading lists that we are sure will open your mind to the wonderful literature we have available in school.   

Our work on our HOPE Literature Lounge has already helped to inform these reading lists.  We’d love it if more of our students could share their love of reading with their peers and contribute to these lists.   

Students (and parents/carers) are encouraged to submit book reviews and make recommendations using our dedicated email address: Here you can submit reviews of books you have read, make lists and recommendations of your favourite reads, share your own poems and short stories and show off art work inspired by scenes and characters from fictional worlds.  Work submitted will be celebrated in the school library. 

If you are not sure what to read or write about, you will hopefully find inspiration from our school reading lists.  You can also find a book to borrow in school library or access our online library. You can also ask any member of staff what they are currently reading and we’re sure this will give you many ideas about what to read next. 

If you would like to submit a book review for others to read, please complete the Book Review Form and hand to Mrs Driscoll or the library, or email it to and we will be happy to share it in our Literature Lounge area. Enjoy!  See below for Book Reviews.

Press HERE for Book Review form to print off and complete


For general enquiries please email

How to access the school Online Library

Please click the Sora link to access the Online Library. Once opened you need to select St Edward’s Academy.  

Literature Lounge Reading Lists – please click on list to read


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