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Sixth Form Pastoral Support

A caring approach to progress

Students receive outstanding pastoral and educational advice at St Edward’s Academy. We have a strong system of support and guidance for our students.

On joining St Edward’s Academy Sixth Form, students are placed in a tutor group. The Sixth Form tutor is the first source of support.  Other key members of the pastoral staff are Ms Said (Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage 5) and Mrs Ager (Administrator.)  Together, they form an experienced team who will guide students through their time in the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form students join a tutor group and their personal tutor takes a special interest in both progress and welfare. Tutor are specialists in Post-16 issues and will help students to manage the transition to a whole new way of learning.  Sixth Form tutors provide students with the guidance needed to decide on future careers, both in taught group tutorial sessions and in regular one-to-one sessions. Tutors will also write references for university applications and future employment.

At St Edward’s Academy, regular assessments and target setting is used effectively to help keep track of student progress.  This also helps departments to identify interventions to improve performance.

Students are set target minimum grades early in each course.  These are based on GCSE results and will be the minimum grades students should aim to achieve.  We aim for students to make exceptional progress and expect that, with continued support, our learners can exceed their original target grades. We will always offer students support if they encounter problems at any time throughout the course.

At St. Edward’s Academy, we ensure development of the whole student outside of subjects in order to support learning and progress throughout Sixth Form.  VESPA is an enrichment and mind-set development system that is completed during form time every week. This system aims to develop 5 key elements for success. These elements consist of: Vison, Effort, Systems, Practise and Attitude.  Students will complete activities that are designed to raise awareness of the impact characteristics can have on success.  They are encouraged to engage in personal reflection so that they can fully develop a growth mindset.

St Edward’s Academy works closely with universities and employers to help students decide on their next step after completing Sixth Form.  We aim to widen participation in Higher Education, raising students’ aspirations and promoting the wide variety of opportunities available to students.  We also continue specialist provision for the most able students into Post-16 education. Examples of the opportunities available include:

  • Expert one-to-one guidance on issues regarding progression to Higher Education and alternative career paths
  • Summer school places at universities throughout the country
  • Masterclasses in many subjects, taught by experts from partner universities
  • Support for potential applicants to Oxbridge and to competitive courses such as Medicine, Engineering and Law (including a mock interview programme)
  • A Higher Education day, and trips to conventions and open days
  • Visiting speakers for assemblies
  • Student shadowing placements at local universities.


Ensuring our students leave the Sixth Form as well-rounded individuals who understand the role they play in society is something we take very seriously as this will help them to truly live ‘Life in all its Fullness’.  Students are made aware of the need for compassion, integrity and respect.  This is shown tangibly by our charitable works.

The Sixth Form organise and run our charitable events.  Each December, the Sixth Form oversee a series of exciting whole school events to raise money for charity. We work in the community by arranging an Afternoon Tea for the elderly.  Students build skills in event planning, leadership and organisation, highly sought after skills from employers and further education establishment.

Sixth Form Bursary

Students may be eligible for the Sixth Form Bursary if they are aged 16-19 and their household income is below £30,000.

To access the Bursary, students will need to bring in proof of household income or a tax credit award letter.  To qualify for payment, students must adhere to the conditions laid out in the Bursary Contract. A copy of this form is available to download from our Policies & Documents Page.

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