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St Edward’s Academy Sixth Form Core Aims


We aim to ensure that all our students live ‘Life in all its Fullness’.  To achieve this goal, we educate for HOPE.  An excellent education will enable our students to lead a fuller life and above all to have hope.

These words sum up our core purpose.  To embrace ‘Life in all its Fullness’, we need to first lead a fuller life where we cope wisely when things go wrong, celebrate our individual and joint successes and approach everything we do with kindness.  It is through our shared life as a community that we experience our humanity and we will face all challenges wisely with optimism and perseverance. Above all, we will pursue excellence in all we do, so that we are all the best that we can be.

Choosing your Sixth Form courses is just the start of a very exciting and life-changing journey.  The Sixth Form experience literally shapes the person you will become.  I am very pleased that St Edward’s Academy is the institution of choice for so many successful students.

It is very important to ask yourself “Where will I do my best?” before making a decision about Sixth Form.  The St Edward’s Academy Sixth Form prides itself on our ability to offer extensive academic and pastoral support when you need it most.  Our exam results speak for themselves – we have topped local schools in recent years for our Sixth Form outcomes.  However, St Edward’s Academy is so much more than an exam factory – we will give you the opportunity to grow and develop into the person you wish to become so that you can truly live ‘Life in all its Fullness’.

Along with a proven curriculum, St Edward’s Academy also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  Students also benefit from a huge range of fully supported opportunities for work experience, community service and leadership that will help shape your character so that you can make a genuine difference to the world around you.

As a St Edward’s Sixth Former, you will receive in-depth help with university, apprenticeship and employment applications from experienced and knowledgeable staff.  You will get to know our Sixth Form staff very well so that your applications will reflect all that you have achieved and help you to secure those next vital steps.

We look forward to working closely with all of our Sixth Form students to ensure St Edward’s Academy supports you in your journey to academic and personal success.

With best wishes

Jodie Hassan


I would like to welcome you to the Sixth Form at St Edward’s Academy. We are very proud of the progress that students make while in the Sixth Form and it is not surprising that our 2018 results put us at the top 10% of schools nationally.

Our Sixth Form is a place of academic excellence. High quality teaching and learning are at the heart of everything we do.  We are passionate about promoting the talents of our young people because we want them to achieve academically, as well as develop their personal, social and emotional well-being. It is vital for us to support them in becoming independent, confident and resilient learners.

What makes our Sixth Form so successful is the clear vision of the leadership team and the strong professional relationships between the students and staff. This foundation is crucial in ensuring that our students excel in their studies.

Our school has very high standards and all students will be expected to work hard and act as role models for younger children. Sixth Form students are supported by the fantastic staff who have already guided so many to be very successful.

I look forward to receiving your Sixth Form applications and working with you in your pursuit for academic excellence.

Munira Said

Assistant Headteacher

Key Stage 5

We aim to provide a stimulating, intellectual and supportive environment for our students to achieve their very best. This means academic success as well as training, skills and personal development. Studying in an environment where you are known as individuals and are supported is very important for success in post-16 education.

Our highly motivated and dedicated teaching staff encourage independent investigation, discussion and debate, backed up by excellent resources and a wide-ranging curriculum.

Sixth Form students enjoy many privileges and are encouraged to take on responsibilities within the school to develop personal qualities which are important for a successful career. The majority of our students achieve excellent results and progress to university.

We strive to ensure that all of our students leave our Sixth Form with everything they need to face the challenges of the future as confident and independent young adults. It is an experience that enables students to go on to study at high quality universities, including those within the Russell Group, and that prepares them thoroughly for the next stage of their life.

For further information about our Sixth Form, please email


Head of Sixth Form

St Edward’s Academy is a school that strives to have a strong link between staff and students. As head boys and girls we help to represent the student body of the school. Communication between the students and staff is very important as it enables healthy progress and changes to be made that the students can support. For example, changes to the running of Raising and Giving week, our charity week, came about due to both staff and students coming together to work out a better programme which will be both more efficient and fun.

The Sixth Form itself is proud of it’s progressive positive atmosphere, we promote equal treatment for all of our students, being especially passionate about the treatment of minorities. This is reflected by the charities we have chosen to fund-raise for throughout the year. We run clubs for students in the Sixth Form to go to, such as table tennis club at lunch and Gospel Choir, this leads to a strong community feel in the Sixth Form between the two year groups. Our events and activities give us the opportunity to bond and relax together, acting as a great means of stress relief and leisure.

As a member of St Edward’s Sixth Form you are role model to the rest of the school and are expected to act accordingly. This expectation separates the Sixth Form from the rest of the school and gives you responsibilities that are required of you as an adult when you leave school. This includes punctuality, attendance, uniform, respect, a general positive attitude to learning and much more.

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