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English Language

English Language

Exam Type:Linear 2 year A-Level
Exam Board:AQA

About the Course

During the course, students will need to be able to communicate effectively, research information from a variety of sources and express themselves clearly and fluently in written form.

It is expected that students have achieved a Grade 6 in GCSE English Language as this course builds on some of the knowledge and understanding of GCSE English Language. It would also be helpful if you have an active interest in language and reading.

You will study a wide range of topics such as how gender, regional dialects, social & occupational groups and communication technology affect language use. You will also develop an understanding of the diversity in English language use in the U.K and in English globally, how children acquire language, and why language changes over time. During the course you will learn to select and apply a range of linguistic methods and show critical understanding of a range of concepts and issues in spoken, written and e-language. You will also learn how to write discursively, and journalistically examining a range of attitudes to language.

You will be able to: 

  • Analyse and evaluate the influence of contextual factors in both written and spoken language
  • Show knowledge of the key parts of language and how they are adapted for different genres, audiences and purposes
  • Demonstrate expertise and creativity in the use of English in a range of different contexts which show your linguistic knowledge.

At A-Level the coursework unit comprises 20% of the A-Level mark with examination comprising 80%.


Component 1 – Language, the Individual, & Society

Component 2 – Language Diversity & Change

Component 3 (coursework) – Language Investigation & Original Writing / Commentary

You could go on to study linguistics at university or most courses at degree level. You could use this A-Level as proof of your good written communication skills. You could pursue a media or journalistic career. You will be able to use language more effectively both orally and in writing in any career.

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