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Design & Technology – Product Design

DT Product Design

Exam Type:Linear 2 year A-Level
Exam Board:Edexcel

About the Course

Equipping students with design skills for the future –
Students will be able to recognise design needs and develop an understanding of how current global issues, including integrating technology, impacts on today’s world.

Encourages creativity and innovation –
At A level students will have the confidence to innovate and produce creative design solutions as they develop their own design brief with a client/end user. The specification seeks to develop students’ knowledge and skills in designing products. They will also develop their research, analysis, product development, project planning and evaluation skills.

This course is suitable for anyone who has enjoyed and studied Design and Technology in any form. It is expected that students will have achieved a Grade 5 or better in Design & Technology, as well at least GCSE grade 4 in English and Maths. It is possible to take this course if you have not studied these subjects but you will need a lot of determination and self-motivation and some proof of your design ability in the form of a small portfolio which must be shown to Mrs Saville before you can be accepted onto the course.

Students are given the opportunity to develop their creative, technical and practical skills through a series of product investigation, design and manufacturing activities, culminating in a coursework project that encourages creativity and imagination to design processes and to design and make prototypes that solve real world problems, considering others’ needs, wants and values.

There are no limits to project selection beyond the time and resources available and the appropriateness of selection in matching individual students’ potential. In order to reach high attainment levels, students must adopt a commercial design approach to their work, reflecting how a professional designer might deal with a design problem and its resolution.

In addition students will develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of modern design and manufacturing practices and contemporary design issues. The modern designer must have a good working knowledge of the use of ICT and systems and control technology in the design and manufacture of products. You must also be aware of the important contributions of designers from the past which may provide inspiration for future design. It is increasingly important that students develop an awareness of the impact of design and technological activities on the environment. Sustainable product design is a key feature of modern design practices.

By examination and coursework


  • Coursework (NEA) 50%
  • Written exam 2 hour 30 minutes (50%)

Advertising, Architecture, Construction and Building Trades, Graphic Design for magazines, Engineering, Interior Design, Art, Illustration, Game Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Teaching, Exhibition Designers and many more.

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