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Art, Craft & Design

Art, Craft & Design

Exam Type:Linear 2 year A-Level
Exam Board:Edexcel

About the Course

A-Level Art is a practical course with written content which allows students who have interest and aptitude in the subject to further their studies through the disciplines of painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and lens-based image making.

Art requires engagement with aesthetic and intellectual concepts through the use of traditional and/or digital media, materials, techniques and processes for the purpose of self-expression, free of external constraints.

Art may be created to communicate ideas and messages about the observed world, the qualities of materials, perceptions, or preconceptions. It can also be used to explore personal and cultural identity, society and how we live, visual language, and technology.

Art allows us to consider and reflect on our place in the world, both as individuals and collectively.

It is expected that students will have achieved at least a Grade 6 in Art at GCSE.

You will study 3 main units over the 2 year course:

  • Unit 1 – Introductory unit: Students will have opportunities to generate practical work, ideas and research from primary, secondary and contextual sources. They will experiment with media and processes, and develop and refine their ideas, presenting their outcomes.
  • Unit 2 – Development of the personal project including the written component: Students will have an internal exam.
  • Unit 3 – Externally set Assignment from the Exam Board

By continual assessment and a controlled assessment within school

All units are assessed and Graded internally by the school and a visiting moderator from the exam board.

The coursework units comprise 60% of the overall mark and the externally set piece 40% for A-Level.


Personal investigation:

Part 1: Practical work (72 marks). From personal starting points students submit supporting studies and personal outcome(s).

Part 2: Personal study (18 marks). Students submit a piece of continuous prose of a minimum of 1000 words.

Externally Set assignment: Sustained focus period of 15 hours of controlled assessment in which students create a final response to the theme. (72 marks). Students submit preparatory studies and personal outcome(s).

Students who wish to further their studies in an art related field can either apply by means of a portfolio interview straight to university for degree courses or choose the traditional route of BTEC foundation in Art and Design at college or university. Careers that require an Art and Design qualification include:

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Computer Animation, Sculpting, Film Making, Art Restoration, Advertising, Video Art, Art Therapy, Automotive Design and Design of Theatrical Scenery.

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