HistoryWe pride our self in being a long standing successful Department within the school whose results are consistently high. Our team is enthusiastic, energetic and passionate, and are always looking for new ways to enhance the learning experience of our students.

Departmental Aims

Department motto “The Purpose of Education is to change lives”.

To help students understand the society in which we live through understanding the past. To help students develop the skills to become responsible members of the community and individuals who can reach their full potential. To promote pride, enjoyment and satisfaction in student’s work in History.

The Curriculum (KS3-5)


Year 7

Introduction to HistoryThe Romans
Medieval Britain

Year 8

Tudors and the Stuarts
The British Empire

Year 9

World War 1: causes and events
World War 2: causes and events
The Holocaust


Current GCSE:
USA: Divided Union 1941-1980

USA: Depression and the New Deal 1929-39
Nazi Germany
Communist Russia 1928-92
Coursework: Life in the 1960s
Coursework: The Crimes of Jack the Ripper


USA: Divided Union 1945-1970
Nazi Germany
Peace and War International Relations 1903-1991
Assessment: Change in British Society (1955-75)


A-Level History Stalin’s Russia
Pursuing Life and Liberty: Equality in the USA (1945-68)
Henry VIII: Authority, Religion and Nation
From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-45
Coursework: Crime and Punishment in Britain (1830-1960)

A-Level Politics

UK Politics (Year 12) and USA Politics (Year 13)

Extra-curricular activities/visits

  • Year 7 – Visit to a Medieval Castle
  • Year 9 – Visit to the Imperial War Museum
  • Year 9 – Holocaust Day including a visit from a Holocaust Survivor
  • Year 10 – Take part in a Jack the Ripper Walk and Experience
  • Year 11 – GCSE Revision classes run from Sept-May