St Edward's Church of England Academy

Destination Data

Measuring the Impact of CEIAG:

St Edward’s Academy measures the effectiveness and impact of CEIAG in the following ways:

  • Student destinations, progression to KS4, KS5, post 18 employment, education and training
  • Student voice feedback on provision
  • Parental voice feedback
  • Feedback from employers, workshop providers, local authority, teachers and governors.

Below are the destinations of your pupils who were at the end of key stage 4 in 2018/19 or students who reached the end of 16 to 18 study in 2018/19. Only education destinations and apprenticeships are included.

Key stage 4 2018/19 leavers –

Destination Measures

Pupils staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after key stage 496%
Pupils staying in education for at least two terms after key stage 493%
Further education college or other further education provider40%
School sixth form – state funded48%
Sixth-form college – state funded3%
Other education destinations1%
Pupils staying in apprenticeships for at least six months2%
Pupils staying in employment2%
Pupils in education or apprenticeships which were not sustained for two terms3%
Pupils not captured in education or apprenticeships (destination unknown or in employment)2%
Destination unknown1%

Key stage 5 2018/19 leavers – Destination Measures

Level 3 students – destinations after 16 to 18
Students progressing to education or employment95%
Students staying in education for at least two terms after 16-18 study74%
Students staying in apprenticeships for at least six months4%
Students entering employment17%

Provisional Data – Key stage 4 2019/20 leavers – Destination Measures

Current DestinationPercentage
Full Time Education95%
Full Time Training1%
Employment with regulated training1%
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