Keeping the perfect homework diary

  • Make sure your timetable and your homework timetable are written in clearly.

  • At the beginning of the week fill in the homework subjects that should be set.

  • Write in the homeworks as soon as they are set. Don’t forget to fill in the date the homework is due.

  • If for any reason a homework isn’t set, then write ‘None set’ (and the reason, if you know it) in the space. Don’t just leave a blank!

  • When the homework is complete, tick the ‘done’ column.

  • Don’t forget to get your diary signed every week.

  • Don’t doodle in your homework diary or on the cover.

  • Do the target-setting.

Homework Timetables

Year 7

Year 8 A

Year 8 B

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11