Summer & Super-curricular Work

Bridging work for year 11 to year 12

It’s a long summer! While you wait for your exam results and make your decisions about where and what to study from September, we recommend you do some of the following;

  • Do some research about the courses you want to study and what material you will cover.
  • Get onto YouTube and see if you can find some relevant clips
  • See if there are TV programmes that might be interesting or relevant to your new studies Listen to lectures or podcasts
  • Visit places of interest that are relevant to your courses
  • Get some work experience
  • Do some voluntary work for a few weeks and reflect about what you have learnt
  • Begin looking at possible university courses, apprenticeship courses or jobs that you might want to do following year 13

Year 12 to year 13 Super-curricular activities

Super-curricular activities are activities to take your studies beyond your studies within lessons from school. Taking your own learning into your own hands and doing some additional learning to stretch your knowledge base, understanding and interest in that area. It could be researching an area of interest, visiting museums, doing additional reading, entering academic competitions, listening to lectures, visiting places of interest and reflecting on what you learn, attending summer schools – anything that you do with your own initiative to develop your own learning.

Universities, particularly the top end ones, want to see you have a genuine interest and knowledge of the subject you are applying to study. They will also want to see evidence of independent learning. Super-curricular activities are really good ways to show both of these.