Dress Code

We wish for the standard of dress to reflect Sixth Form students’ positions of responsibility within in the school. It should reflect a business style. We expect Sixth Form students’ appearance to enhance the reputation of the school in the eyes of the local community, to visitors and to anyone else involved with us. In particular, we expect Sixth Form students to set a positive example to younger pupils in Years 7-11. Any branded items can be purchased from Havering School Wear apart from the School Tie which is purchasable in school.


  • Black full length tailored trousers
  • Black smart knee length skirts that would be deemed appropriate to wear in an office
  • White blouse
  • Black tights
  • Black V neck St Edward's Jumper
  • Black Suit Jacket (optional)
  • Smart black shoes or boots of leather appearance


  • Black tailored trousers
  • White shirt with standard collar - buttoned at the neck
  • School Sixth Form tie
  • Black V neck St Edward's Jumper
  • Black Suit Jacket (optional)
  • Black shoes (leather or leather appearance)