Year 8 Win the Churchill History Debate at Cambridge University!

Debate Churchill2

On the 13th December a group Year 8 students were selected to take part in the first Churchill Archives History Debate at Cambridge University.  The aim of the debate was to give students access to historical documents from Churchill’s War archive and to prepare a presentation either agreeing or disagreeing  with the statement:

The Suffragettes were more of a hindrance than a help to the cause of female suffrage.

Our Year 8 students rose to the challenge and decided the Suffragettes hindered the constitutional work that had already been established by the peaceful Suffragists movement. With only 2 weeks to prepare they analysed in detail, resources normally given to first year university students. William Hyde and Isobel O’Neill were the lead speakers and were supported by the research team lead by Rebekah Folley, Jayden Freeman, Aldora Danquah,Debate Churchill Kelly Cai and Chloe Judd. Our Year 8 students were a force to be reckoned with and did not back down, even when questioned by the opposing side and professional historians. They were eloquent, intelligent and in the words of the judges ‘sharp and sassy’.  Mr James, the Head of Year 8, nearly went through the ceiling when the judges said the words, ‘The winners are St Edward’s CE School’.  It truly was a day that will go down in history.