GSCE PE Trip - Skern Lodge


The PE department took the Year 10 GCSE students to Skern Lodge, in Devon, for a 4 day outdoor activity trip. Kayaking, surfing, rock-climbing and abseiling were just a few of the activities that students participated in, as well as jumping off of a bridge into a river! Students had a wonderful time; improving their teamwork and sporting skills as well as applying some of the PE theory they have learnt in class.

The school received the following feedback from the course director at Skern Lodge - "Thank you for bringing the course to us again this year. It has been a genuine pleasure to course direct for you again. The students, I feel, took to all aspects of the programme with engagement and respect. Aligning with the syllabus, all students showed the competence and skill required. From correct harness and equipment fitting, to peer belaying as well as ability of climbing movement on artificial and live rock and Hartland Point. The water sports too (surf, kayak and bridge jump), we thought were very well received with quality listening and understanding of the theory and practical sides of the syllabus. I wish all the students and staff success and enjoyment for the GCSE course and results".– Alex Coyle, Skern Lodge Director