Student Conduct

School Aims

The aims of this Church School, which we share with St Edward’s Primary School, are to achieve a happy, fulfilled community within which:

a. lively faith and Christian values permeate all that is done,

the unique qualities of each individual are appreciated and nourished so that potential is fully realised,

excellence is energetically pursued in all aspects of school life, and from which young people are able to live a rich, satisfying life with the desire to witness and contribute to society.

As a member of the school community students are expected to:

Support the school aims;

Behave in a way which brings credit to themselves, the school and their parents including in the street, in shops and when on public transport;

Follow all rules and procedures in terms of behaviour and uniform;

Be polite to all members of the community and considerate of others feelings and opinions;

Move around the school in a quiet, orderly and sensible manner;

Generally respect the whole school environment in terms of litter, graffiti and vandalism;

Remain on task, allowing others to learn and the teacher to teach;

Be prepared to spend at least 1 hour each evening on homework or coursework in years 7 – 8 and up to 21/2 hours in years 9 – 11, and complete all tasks on time and to the best of their ability;

Be aware of the health and safety of themselves and others. This includes reporting any strangers they see, without a visitors badge, to a member of staff.

Student Golden Rules

Do as you are asked first time without arguing.

Listen in silence when a member of staff is speaking.

Information for Parents

No student may leave the school without permission.

Any student arriving late must sign in at Reception.

Students being brought to school must be dropped off in Southern Way NOT in the school car park.

Students are not allowed to wear earrings or any other body piercing. There is no exception for students who have just had their ears pierced. Studs covered with plasters are not acceptable.

Students are NOT permitted to wear make up, false nails, nail tips or have any visible tattoos.

Students should travel to and from school in school uniform. Students should bring a note from home or fill in the uniform excuse slip where there is a problem (e,g. shoes are in repair). The school blazer is a compulsory part of the school uniform. REMEMBER to name all belongings.

Bullying will not be tolerated in any form – verbal, physical, emotional, etc.

If you are the victim of bullying or if you observe incidents involving others, do not hesitate to inform a member of staff.

Smoking or the possession of smoking implements, is not allowed at any time whilst in school uniform.

Students may be detained at the end of the day for 10 minutes without notice and for a longer period with 24 hours notice – recorded in the school diary.