Staff List

Please find the staff list at St Edward's Church of England School and Sixth Form College below:

Mr I Acquah English  
Mrs E Adams English  
Mrs J Ager   Sixth Form Administrator
Ms C Agogbua Maths  
Mrs A Ali Maths  
Mrs S Allen Drama Head of Year 7
Mrs H Anastasi Learning Support  
Mrs S Arnold   English Intervention
Mrs C Baidoo Social Sciences  
Ms M Banczyk Learning Support  
Mr J Beaman   Lettings Assistant
Ms S Begum Religious Studies  
Mrs Y Begum Mathematics  
Mrs M Bradenbury   Mid Day Assistant
Mrs A Bridges   Teaching Assistant
Ms K Brown English Head of English
Mrs S Carr Learning Support SENDCO
Mrs C Carter   Exams Officer
Mrs J Cavell   Mid Day Assistant
Mrs G Copleston   Careers/ Work Experience Coordinator
Mrs K Course Religious Studies Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Da Costa   Inclusion Supervisor
Ms H Davey Science  
Mr B Davidson MFL  Subject Leader - French
Mrs A Day   Assistant Headteacher
Ms M De-Gutis   Art Technician
Mr J Delaney English  
Mrs J Doyle   Lettings Assistant
Mrs M Driscoll   Headteacher's PA
Mr A El Hafidi   Catering Manager
Mrs S El Hafidi   Student Welfare Officer
Mrs B Ellis   Finance Officer
Mrs B Escoffery PE Head of PE
Mr M Etemadi Maths  
Mrs H Fennings   Catering
Mr S Ferrol   IT Support Manager
Mrs J Folley Mathematics  
Mr M Folley Computing  
Mr S Fritsch MFL Director of Language College
Dr S Gardner Science KS4 Science Co-ordinator
Mrs C Gilligan Science  
Mrs H Gillman Media Studies/English Subject Leader – Media Studies
Mrs K Glyde   SEN Administrator
Ms K Guentcheva Food & Textiles  
Mr D Harding Technician  
Mrs S Harrington   Maths Intervention 
Mrs L Harrison   Data Administrator
Mrs K Hart History Head of Sixth Form
Mrs C Heaphy English  
Ms E Hiller Geography  
Mr P Hogan Learning Support  
Mrs S Hogan   Receptionist
Mrs N Holder   Technician
Miss S Holt PE  
Miss M Howard English  
Mrs J Howe   Catering
Mr R Hughes   IT Technician
Mrs J Hyland English  
Mr R Jaehne German Subject Leader - German
Mr J James History Head of Year 8
Mrs A Jones Social Sciences  
Mrs K Jupp Computing  
Mr P Keith Music  
Mr A Kelly Business Studies  
Mrs J Kelly   Cover Supervisor
Mr D Kendrick-White   Events & Communications Manager
Mr J Khan   DT Technician
Miss T King   Headteacher
Mrs C Le Gallienne   Attendance Coordinator
Mrs M Marchant   Catering
Miss B Mateo-Sidron MFL  
Mr G Matharu DT  
Mrs S Maullin Art Head of Art
Mrs D McCartney English  
Mr A McLeod History Head of History
Mrs S Meckiff   Mid Day Assistant
Ms M Metcalf Business Head of Business/Computing
Mrs A Miller Science  
Mr S Mills   Site Assistant
Mr B Montgomerry   Lettings Assistant
Ms S Moreaux MFL  
Mr M Morgan MFL Subject Leader - Chinese
Mr D Mortimer   Science Technician
Mrs J Newman   Cover Supervisor
Mrs  M Nicholls-Pupe Learning Support  
Mr M Norley PE Head of Year 9
Mrs J Norris   First Aid
Mrs D Norton Art  
Mrs A O’Brien Learning Support Deputy SENDCO
Mrs J O’Hara   Reprographics/Mid Day Assistant
Miss T Oxborrow   Mid Day Assistant
Mrs M Pearson   Librarian
Miss M Perdomo MFL Head of Year 11
Mrs R Perry Food & Textiles Head of Food and Textiles
Mrs P Pinnock   Lettings Assistant
Mrs G Podd   Receptionist
Mrs K Popat Art  
Mrs S Qureshi   Catering
Mrs V Raivio   Finance and Operations Manager
Mrs V Raye   Catering
Mrs C Rothnie   Librarian
Mr I Rushton PE Head of Year 10
Mrs B Saville DT Head of DT
Mrs J Scally   Catering
Mr I Sheikh Mathematics  
Mrs N Sherer-Vanderson   Catering
Mr M Smithers Sociology/Politics/Psychology  
Mr T Spillman PE  
Mrs W Thurston   Pastoral Assistant
Mrs S Tomic Art  
Mrs L Tomlinson   Mid Day Assistant
Mr S Tomlinson Science Director of Science College
Mr S Topping Religious Studies/PSHEE Head of Religious Studies
Mr D Torn History Deputy Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Wake   Pastoral Assistant
Ms M Wameyo RS  
Mrs L Ward Learning Support  
Mrs L Whitcher DT  
Mrs S Yeomans Music Head of Music
Mrs Y Zhou EAL