Parent Teacher Association

St Edward’s PTA works hard with the staff and pupils in joint ventures by raising funds that enhance the student’s educational needs by providing, and assisting in the provision of facilities at the school. The PTA is a way of maintaining the relationships with the staff and parents and to help tackle issues which affect everyone. All parents/guardians and staff are automatically members of the PTA.

St Edward’s PTA is a registered charity (310906) and has been established since 1947. We therefore want to continue with the legacy to allow the PTA to thrive through parents’ and teachers’ shared vision. The PTA helped fund the swimming pool for the school 41 years ago, which is still used today for swimming lessons for the children, the local community and the PTA swimming club. More recently we have donated the funds to purchase an additional mini-bus for the school. We are continuing to assist the school with fundraising for the new sixth form building which is greatly needed for our children.

Parents are welcome to help out with the PTA whichever way you can. You can get involved by: donating money or prized goods, fundraising ideas, handing out leaflets, shopping, attending meetings, joining the PTA keep-fit class/swim club, writing letters/emails or coming into the school to assist in events/activities and so on.

To help support the school and the PTA generous donations are welcome via ParentPay under ‘PTA donation’ or ‘New 6th Form Building Funding Appeal’. Due to the demands of today’s hectic lifestyle it is harder for parent’s to contribute in the way that we may like, however, parents can now contribute in this way. If every parent donated a minimum amount of a £1 twice-a-year, this would raise approximately £2,500 per year.

We welcome any suggestions and talents you may have to contribute to supporting the PTA and the school community.

Thank you to all the parents/carers, staff and young people who have contributed in some way to helping out the PTA in the past and the future.

If you would like to be kept informed of PTA news, please contact us via email on: [email protected] Alternatively, please complete the PTA Membership Contact Form found in the PTA Documents.

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings or hearing from you in the near future as we all have a voice which should be heard.