Stretch and Challenge for All

"There are two ways to interpret the phrase ‘stretch and challenge’. On the one hand, it relates to whole-class teaching and the importance of stretching and challenging every pupil’s thinking. On the other, it relates to individuals and the importance of pushing the thinking of the most able pupils". (Mike Gehshon).

Stretch and Challenge for All at St Edward’s

At St Edward’s we embrace the potential of all of our students. In Year 7, pupils are issued with a set of target levels following on from their achievements at Primary School. Our links with feeder schools enable us to cater for pupils enabling a smooth transition from Primary to secondary school.Throughout pupils’ time at St Edward’s teachers will cater for individuals by providing work that suitably stretches and Challenges them. Teachers aim to use skilful questioning to challenge and stretch learners with different levels of ability as well as setting exciting and challenging work. Each Department has developed a Stretch and Challenge policy along with appropriate enrichment.


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Graphics student Alex Claridge wins award from Havering College

Awards and University Enrichment


Award badges in recognition of progress:

The Headteacher’s award acknowledges pupils making continuous strong progress throughout the academic year as well as a demonstrating the St Edward’s core values.

Many subjects such as Music, Drama, PE and Technology are offering a department prefect system. These badges recognise pupils for their continuous strong effort and commitment.

Supporting more able students:

SA 1Initial identification of ‘More Able’ pupils takes place at the start of year 7 based on KS2 summer data. A letter will be sent home to parents acknowledging the data we have received and encouraging parents to correspond with us should you have any suggestions for further enrichment. Those with High target levels are often short-listed for trips to Universities. Most recently years 9 and 10 attended an aspiration day at Oxford University. We are also a member of the National Association for Able Children in Education and are keen to put pupils forward for National competitions and find suitable additional enrichment for them. Additional advice and mentoring is available to pupils looking specifically at Russell Group Universities.

Enrichment for Years 7-13

  • University Trips: We are always keen to establish new University links. Over the past year pupils have attended Russell Group aspirational trips.
  • School Clubs: We are proud of the numerous clubs ran throughout the school. Music, Drama and PE have a long history of clubs which push pupils of all abilities.
  • Student led projects: Years 10-13 have played a strong role in leading enrichment activities.

How you can help your child?

SCMonitoring and School reports: Keep up-to-date with your child’s monitoring grades issued at the end of each term. Does your child know what they need to do to reach/exceed their target level? Form tutors are all readily available via email to address any concerns you may have and will work with you to put plans in place.

Learning websites: Please take a look at the curriculum pages on the school website for suggestions of websites that could Stretch and Challenge students.

Enrichment: Help your child to select activities you feel will benefit them both inside and outside of school.


  • Stretch and Challenge Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Whitcher