psheePSHEE stands for Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education. It is taught in partnership with Citizenship. It is a non-exam subject and each pupil has one period a fortnight. During Form Period some PSHEE themes are also covered.

The Curriculum:

Drug Education: This area looks at smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs. We cover the Law, their effects and the role of peer pressure.

Relationship and Sex Education: A sensitive area which generates lots of discussion. The intention is that it builds on parent’s teaching, not replace it. We look at puberty, boyfriend/girlfriend, High Risk behaviour, safer sex, STD’s and abstinence. While Safer Sex will be explained we seek to promote abstinence until marriage.

Personal Development: This area looks at identity, resolving conflict, bullying and building sound friendships. We are also introducing Learning styles as a new unit. These are interconnected topics which support each other.

Lifestyle: This looks at the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating.

Economic: This looks at debt, budgeting, banking and other related issues.

psheeThe PSHEE topics do over lap with other subjects, like RS, PE and Citizenship. But we hope to offer a place where pupils can explore and discuss these issues in a safe and open way.


Mr Topping (HoD)