Media Studies

Departmental Aims

mediaMany people consider the media as a source of information, entertainment and even communication. Our world is so media-saturated its presence in our lives feels natural and unquestionable. The main aim of the department is to expose this as a myth.

The media studies department aims to equip students for the world outside of the classroom by developing critical awareness as to how identity, issues and even our sense of reality is shaped by the media that we consume.

Independent thought is encouraged through equipping students with the skills for analysis, which they can then apply to any media text they encounter. Students have opportunities to put these skills into practice through a variety of practical tasks and through production coursework. They have a Mac Suite with the latest technology to aid this.

The Curriculum (KS4-5)

At key stage 4, students will study both audio-visual and print media, and will develop awareness of the technical elements of construction in addition to related media concepts such as representation, audience, and the wider social significance of these issues. Students will then go on to apply these ideas in their own production.

At key stage 5, students will develop a deeper understanding of these concepts by looking more closely at the theory behind audience, audience responses and uses of the media, whilst also investigating media representations of gender, ethnicity and age. The film and music industries are key areas for study as part of the course.


  • Mrs H Gillman (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs C Heaphy
  • Ms K Brown
  • Ms McCartney
  • Mr J Delaney