Learning Support

Learning SupportAims Every child, regardless of academic or physical difficulties, has the right to take part in and enjoy every aspect of school life. Our goal is to ensure that every student feels valued so that school is a positive and happy experience. We aim to provide all Learning Support groups with a secure learning environment in which not only are individual needs addressed, but which also serves to foster high self-esteem and self-confidence as we believe these to be essential to success in school.

The Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8, students receive interventions based on the particular area of need identified by screening tests plus data received from their primary school. In Year 9, students follow the Bronze ASDAN Award which also helps to improve literacy and social skills.

Learning SupportIn years 10 and 11, Support Option is offered which is a non GCSE course. This is primarily designed to ensure that attention can be given to individual needs. We also run The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (ASDAN) which is a GCSE equivalent qualification.

Finally, we teach a Life Skills course which is targeted at those students who would most benefit from it.