Why study Geography?

Geography This is the subject for you if:

  • You want to experience life in a shanty town
  • You want to encounter mighty rivers, ferocious oceans, mega-cities, peaceful countryside, rain and sun, riches and poverty
  • You want to make a difference to your planet

The aims of the department are to encourage the students to develop:

  • a sense of place and an understanding of location on a local, regional and global scale.
  • an awareness of the characteristics of contrasting physical and human environments and an awareness of human and physical processes acting upon those environments.
  • an understanding of differing cultures and communities throughout the world together with the opportunities and constraints that they face.
  • an ability to make responsible decisions with reference to the environment.
  • a competence in the collection, analysis and presentation of geographical data from a variety of sources.
  • a willingness to take a major part in their own future and that of the planet on which they live.
  • to encourage pupils to take an active part in their own learning.

Topics studied at KS3 include:

  • Year 7 – Map skills, settlement, weather, climate and tourism.
  • Year 8 – Population, industry, Brazil and coasts.
  • Year 9 – Natural hazards, development and energy and the environment.


GeographyGeography is an elective course in year 10 and 11. There are two trips related to coursework.

Course Outline:

It is not a requirement that you should have studied Geography at GCSE in order to take the AS level or A level course in the subject. Several topics covered in the course are developments of work covered at GCSE, but others are new. What is more important is that you have a lively and enquiring mind, an interest in the environment and current affairs, a willingness to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate your ideas effectively.

Those students who studied GCSE Geography either as a full or short course will find that the material and the skills they have learned will prove a valuable foundation for further studies at this level.


  • Ms D Tubridy – HoD
  • Ms E Hiller
  • Ms B Opebiyi