English 1The aim of the English department is to encourage the study of and engagement with language and literature at all key stages as a means of expressing identity and a sense of self. English aims to help children make sense of experience by reading and hearing about the experiences of others.

It is also fundamentally important in teaching children how to communicate concrete and abstract ideas. It sets out to achieve these aims through writing in a range of styles for specific purposes to identified audiences; reading a range of texts to recognise their purpose, identify their audiences, understand the modes they employ and derive enjoyment from the process. It also sets out to provide opportunities for speaking and listening in different contexts, styles, and forums.

The Curriculum

At Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) English lessons are taught in mixed ability forms, during which children develop their critical awareness through reading poetry, plays, stories, articles and media texts; they strengthen their presentation and collaborative skills with discussion and debate; they improve their writing, crafting their work to a variety of styles for a variety of audiences and purposes. At Key Stage 4 (years 10-11) English lessons are also taught in mixed ability groups, following a syllabus as laid down by AQA examination board. A level English Language study covers a range of topics (language production & reception, language change and child language) all concerned with the ways language is used in context. A level literature provides opportunity for the study of texts associated with the tradition of English literature and the more challenging and innovative texts of modern times.

All pupils are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their progress. Building on attainment at Primary school, and with a curriculum enriched by an annual focused reading week for charity, by cross curricular links with other departments, by theatre and Museum visits and through the exploration of literature and ideas from other cultures and traditions, we seek to lay a firm foundation for success at school and beyond.
Homework Assignments

Year 7

  • Christmas CarolEnglish
  • Toy Project
  • All About Me

Year 8

  • Persuade
  • Shakespeare
  • War

Year 9

  • Gothic
  • Media
  • Shakespeare

Parent Information

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