CitizenshipCitizenship as a subject equips young people with the knowledge, skills and understanding to effectively play a part in public life. Citizenship encourages them to take an interest in topical and controversial issues and to engage in discussion and debate which also challenges their own opinions.

Pupils begin to understand how society has changed and is changing in the UK, Europe and the wider world through their study of global issues such as Fair Trade and the environment and organisations such as Amnesty International. Subjects also include rights and both collective and individual responsibility in society, the process of voting and the significance of campaigning. Pupils learn about the law, justice and democracy, different forms of action and how they can benefit a cause.

CitizenshipCitizenship addresses issues relating to social justice, human rights, community cohesion and global interdependence, and encourages pupils to challenge injustice, inequalities and discrimination. It helps young people to develop their critical skills, consider a wide range of political, social, ethical and moral problems, and explore opinions and ideas other than their own. They evaluate information, make informed judgements and reflect on the consequences of their actions now and in the future. They learn to argue a case on behalf of others as well as themselves and speak out on issues of concern.

Citizenship GCSE

Students complete a Citizenship task as a controlled assessment. They also study three main areas at GCSE level including:

Unit 1: Rights & Responsibilities

(Communities, Identities, Racism, Human Rights, Consumer Rights, Law and Order and the Criminal Justice System)

Unit 2: Power, Politics & the Media

(Elections, Parliament, Local Government, Political Parties, Pressure Groups, who own the papers, how do they report)

Unit 3: The Global Community

(UN, EU, Business, Environmental Issues, Poverty and World Debt)

The Citizenship GCSE will be taught by Ms Hiller (Head of Department), Mr Topping, Miss Ettridge & Mr McLeod.