Departmental Aims

The department is a welcoming environment which prides itself in encouraging and supporting all students regardless of ability to enjoy, experience and develop their imagination and creativity in Art, Craft and Design.Art 2

The Curriculum

KS3 students study projects that explore various media and styles including, drawing, painting, printing, ceramics and mixed media. All the projects make reference to an art or cultural theme.

KS4 art is a very popular choice for students at St Edwards and students achieve very highly.

We offer 2 GCSE courses. GCSE Art and Design is a traditional art course where students explore and develop their skills in a wide variety of media. GCSE Art Textiles uses the expertise of 2 departments which allows students the opportunity to experience and apply numerous Textile techniques to a variety of pieces of work.

Many students continue their art studies into KS5 and we offer 3 post 16 courses:  GCE A level Course in Fine Art, Art Textiles and Photography

These courses enable students to have the flexibility to work using the media and techniques of their choice and students develop their own project ideas with the support of their teachers.

Art 3Extra – Curricular activities/visits

Both KS3 and KS4/ 5 have a dedicated lunchtime session held once a week. KS3 art club is held on one lunchtime a week KS4 and 5 students

The department also run 2 90 minute KS4 and KS5 after school independent studio sessions for students to complete work.

KS4 and KS5 students attend various trips in both year 12 and 13 to research and develop ideas to support their project work.


  • Mrs S Maullin (HoD)
  • Mrs K Popat
  • Ms D Norton
  • Ms S Tomic
  • Ms M De-Gutis - Technician