curriculumSt Edward’s offers every student a broad and balanced curriculum which is well suited to their needs, enhanced by a wide range of extra curricular opportunities, trips and visits. The curriculum is structured into 3 stages KS3, KS4 and the Sixth Form (KS5). As a Specialist College in Languages and Science, all students take part in Languages and Science from year 7-11.


Students are taught mainly in mixed ability teaching groups and experience a broad range of subjects. The curriculum consists of Maths, English, Science, Religious Studies, Geography, History, Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Food and Textiles, CDT, Information Technology, PSCHE and Modern Foreign Languages. In Modern Foreign Languages all students study two European languages (one main and one taster language) and many study Mandarin as a third language. Some students are given Learning Support in place of the second language.


curriculumAll students follow a curriculum of Core and optional subjects. The core subjects at KS4 are GCSEs in English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Science (Core and Additional or Separate Sciences) and Religious Studies. In addition to this all students choose a number of subjects from a wide range of options. All students must take one Modern Foreign Language but it is possible to study two. Other options include History or Geography, a creative subject, a technological subject, vocational studies or Learning support. The option system is structured to allow a balanced but differentiated curriculum for all of our students. Most students take between eight and ten GCSEs.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form the curriculum is based around a wide ranging set of AS, A level and BTEC courses, with over 30 subjects on offer. Most students take 4 subjects at AS in year 12, alongside AS level General Studies. In year 13 students usually continue with 3 A2 subjects; however some students carry on with 4 subjects.

To enrich the curriculum all students receive a structured course of PSHE, RS, academic guidance and support. All of the Sixth Form are also expected to take part in PE activities each cycle.